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Tying the Knot

Yesterday, we had a meeting with someone from The Knot. I'm not name dropping because she did not ask for that but I will discuss what happened in this meeting and how we made it happen.

For weeks Gary has said, "I wish we could get on The Knot and Wedding Wire. I'm a woman. I know what The Knot is. Every girl fantasizes about the dress, the party, and the ambiance.

Me, being me, decided to look into this to see what they would say. You don't jump without learning to walk first. The next thing I know, we have an appointment to speak with someone in the advertising department.

There are some things I won't disclose but I don't want to gatekeep either. I don't understand gatekeeping because there are a lot of people on Earth and that is a whole lot of business. Nobody would own a business if gatekeeping was the norm.

In this meeting we discussed all those things that I am familiar with; SEO, unique visitors, and driving traffic. If I had time to blog daily, I would do so because that helps with all those things. I felt the need to blog today because I want to also capture the journey.

Having something that is yours and doesn't belong to a CEO is special. One of the things that I have always told Gary is, "That thing you would do for free should be your job." Here we are.

We now have an advertising deal with a major player in the wedding industry. We attended this meeting together, virtually and we signed agreements. We discussed who we would play for because love is love. We are inclusive and don't discriminate.

It will probably take me the rest of the week to set up the sites on The Knot and Wedding Wire because I have a job I go to every day.

Then, there was panic. As far as equipment goes, my husband did not feel prepared so we bought the rest of his set up. He had tears in his eyes. I could see that he cares so much for this that this was his thing.

I have always supported my husband. He tried accounting, I knew it wasn't for him. He tried truck driving, I knew he could've done it, It wasn't for him. There are so many things he tried and I knew it wasn't for him and I let him, waiting patiently until he came to the conclusion I came to 20 years ago. It's music. It's always been music. It always will be music.


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