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We can play a wide range of music styles and genres, and we can read the crowd and adjust our playlist accordingly, we also help to keep attendees engaged and on the dance floor.


We create a playlist in advance: We work with the wedding couple to create a playlist in advance that reflects their preferences and the demographics of their guests to help to ensure that the music selection is tailored to the audience and keeps them engaged.

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We are able to play a wide range of music styles and can read the crowd and adjust our playlist to keep students engaged and on the dance floor.We encourage students to participate in group dances to keep the energy level high and the crowd engaged. We have quality lighting and sound to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for students. We are an inclusive company for all students.

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By using a combination of strategies, we will keep the floor packed  and moving. Through engaging with the crowd, reading the guests, and  providing entertainment during your day,

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Lighting with moving heads, wash fx, lasers, strobes, and moonflowers can add an exciting and dynamic element to any event. Moving heads are powerful, versatile lighting fixtures that can be used to create dramatic lighting effects and patterns. Wash fx are powerful lighting fixtures that are designed to create wide, sweeping beams of light that can wash over a large area. Lasers are powerful beams of light that can be used to create dazzling effects and patterns. Strobes are powerful flashes of light that can be used to create a pulsing, strobe-like effect. Moonflowers are lighting fixtures that use a rotating mirror and colored bulbs to create sweeping patterns and effects that can be used to add visual interest to any event. These lighting fixtures can be used individually or in combination to create a wide range of lighting effects and can help to transform any event into a visually stunning experience.


We work with our clients to ensure that we uphold any cultural traditions associated with mitzvahs and are prepared to accommodate any special requests or requirements. If there are event planners, we will happily work hand in hand with the planner.

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