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The Driving DJ

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

We have some pretty big news! We will now be traveling outside of our region. You heard right! We will be travelling to so many new places!

I'm an Ohioan and Ohio is really big. I have not even seen more than half of Ohio. But we will be going to places that are in regions that we have not seen before.

What I do know is Cleveland. Home of Bone-Thugs, Halle Berry, Yvette Brown, and Kathryn Hahn. Though Lebron is not a Cleveland native, like Gary and I, because of the CAVS, we will call him a Clevelander too.

I promise you, we would not get lost in Cleveland. Probably wouldn't even need to pull up Google maps and we know how to get there just about with our eyes closed.

We do have to charge for that distance though. We may need a hotel, gas, and our time too. That is a really long drive add into that, 2-3 hours of set up and tear down... That is a whole lot of effort.

We have created pricing tiers just for travel. We're pretty excited about. We're thinking of maybe creating maps for the separate regions.


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