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G&S Celebrations DJ Wedding Adventures at Windy Acres Red House, WV

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Castle in the woods
Castle at Windy Acres Red House WV

Boy kissing girl
First Kiss

April 15 we arrived at Windy Acres. We were mesmerized by the fantasy of it all. A castle sat in the middle of the woods in Red House, WV.

The bride and groom said "I do" in the middle of an amphitheater surrounded by statues that remind me of mythological muses. The bridal party was then transported back to the castle on a golf cart.

Our morning started off with a simple Tik Tok video. We loaded up the vehicle with the Rane One turntable, speakers, gig bar, uplights, tripods and our separate ceremony system.

I had to make sure we have a change of clothes, make-up (for me Shirley), and the timeline. It's rare that the location is so close to home (Charleston, WV). When it is close to home, we don't add a travel fee. Red House was close to home.

We do arrive hours before ceremony to set up. It is a whole lot of work setting up DJ equipment, trying to touch base with bridal parties, make sure things are exactly where they need to be.

After the ceremony, which was outdoors, everyone came inside to the castle. A thunderstorm occurred and a power outage. This was out of our own control but within seconds everything was up and running again.


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