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DJ Beware!

When we first signed up for a popular wedding planning advertising service, we were presented a few customers.

We we were so excited. One customer contacted us and said their boss was paying for the entire wedding. We, at first decided to give them a chance. Things got weird and they offered to pay us our prices and extra money to pay for other things for their wedding. We declined a few times stating that we only need x amount. Before we knew it, we had a check for $4,700 which is well beyond what we currently charge.

What's that saying..."If it's too good to be true..."? Anyhow, my husband, the DJ, called the venue. We were not the first people calling about the "couple." The venue was upset that their name was in the mix and no wedding was planned at the venue for the date in question.

We looked into the phone number. Can you believe, the number was from Denmark? I, personally, have dealt with a lot of Nigerian scammers and Denmark is completely new to me.

We reported to the service and the "couple" was removed from the site.

This is kind of a cautionary tale for anyone that deals with wedding services. If it's too good to be true, it likely is.

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