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Stonewall Resort

We had a wedding at Stonewall Resort . It was such a beautiful venue. I saw couples in canoes. I could have sworn I saw a ferry boat. There were couples and groups playing golf.

We showed up later than we should have. Let's just be real. DJ Gary P and I are married and typical to husbands everywhere, he just didn't listen to his wife that was ready to leave.

Anyhooo we set up the equipment and there was a lot of rushing. While Gary set up, I still was not confident with the timeline and I had a little talk with the bride's mom and sister and it made me feel better about where this was going. I loved watching the dynamics of that family.

The wedding started and we saw the bride for the very first time. She was so beautiful and her personality matched. I'm so grateful for this first wedding. We went on to cocktail/ dinner.

I took over as MC. I'm happy I created a script. I can't live without a script. We recognized a boy that made a delicious lemon cake. Luke the cake was amazing! I think I need to add a photo release into the contract. I don't feel good about publishing people that are unaware that I have done so.

Since I took speech, theatre, and journalism I am going to end up being the MC. I'm working on doing a little better with the whole MC thing. I really did not think I was going to play MC on Sunday.

I have a script and I went off script a little and I thought it was really good. Yin and yang... that's how my husband and I refer to each other. What I can't do or feel confident doing, he does and vice versa.

A wedding is a funny thing when you are a vendor at an event. For that moment, you feel like a part of the family. When you come from a not so good family that moment of "this must be what it's like." hits you.

Watching mom and dad dance, the fussing with the mom to dance, the family head banging to Led Zeppelin... It kind of does something and gets ya right in the feelers.

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