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Set The Tone With a Killer Playlist

The music is at the heart of every wedding reception. It is important to set the tone of your playlist from the very beginning. There are a few things to keep in mind before curating your playlist.

DJ Gary P on the turntables
DJ Gary P on the tables!
  1. Even though it is your wedding, you are celebrating with others. Not only do you have to consider your own musical tastes, but others as well.

  2. The goal is to pack the dance floor. This means the music needs to serve both young and old. You might be a huge Swiftie and your parents can't live without Def Leppard. Considering Pour Some Sugar on Me in between Look What You Made Me Do can be the game changer.

  3. Your playlist begins with formalities. Some of these formalities are the father/ daughter dance, mother/ son dance, mother/ daughter dance, and bridal party dance. What defines these dances is that it is a story of the relationships of the couple.

  4. Two other formalities, the garter removal/ toss and bouquet toss are often met with humor. ZZ Top's She's Got Legs or Beyonce's Single Ladies is often the music selection. These are not the only choices. When booking with G&S Celebrations LLC we can discuss other musical choices to curate your playlist.

  5. The bride and groom means a lot. If the bride and groom are dancing, their guests will too.

  6. Ultimately, this is a celebration of love, family, and friendship. Your music is a reflection of that.

When we curate your playlist, we put it in a timeline of events that need to happen. From ceremony, cocktail, and closing; we are your event's music source. Together we can set the tone with a killer playlist.

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