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Allegheny Lodge Part 3 It's All in the Details!

Now that we have discussed everything about the venue and the pooch named Trouble, I'm going to talk about everything leading up to the wedding from our end.

We use a service called Weddingwire. We truly are grateful and thankful for the service because people are begging to notice us. I feel that you should do the things you love. That's how my husband and I are divided.

He does the first intro with the couple through text because they want to know what we offer and to be honest with you, I don't know what 90% of his equipment is. I do the rest up until the performance. Once a couple is booked, any other text will come from me (Shirley).

I send out a DJ Contract and a questionnaire. This questionnaire is specific to the event. We have one for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and if need be, we will create a new one for different types of events.

I sent our bride a DJ Contract, a Wedding Questionnaire, and a photo release. Once I have the Wedding Questionnaire, I build out a Timeline. I work as the MC. I can't live without the timeline. I don't want to be the reason an event goes wrong.

This timeline includes the music that is requested in the order of events. I think it's pretty safe to say that my husband can't live without the timeline either. We are a brand new, just this year, start up. There is nothing wrong with being a new start up. There is something wrong with never starting up and wishing. That leads to regret.

All of that said, I worked through the timeline with our bride. We ask about age range because if our bride and groom were 20 something, that mostly gives us 20 years of music to put together. For my husband and I we could do late 70s to current. That isn't an absolute because we grow up on the music of our parents too. I could swim to "The Leader of the Pack" that was discussed and excluded for this wedding because it's incredibly sad.

I wanted to begin incorporating games into our weddings. We did a game where the bride and groom answers questions about each other. typically this game is played with shoes. I decided to use fans instead. I will continue to use fans from this day forward.

We had an issue with the vehicle we were going to use and had to rent from the company that uses a lot of orange. We booked with a bank card and had plenty of money for the van we wanted to rent. They said because we don't have a credit card, we can't rent it but guess what! We can rent a vehicle on its last leg? Wheel? That vehicle ate into all of our profit.

We were going to the wedding. We were not going to disappoint our bride and groom. We spent three hours driving to Allegheny Lodge. We saw a beautiful little town. This is where The Greenbriar resides.

We found the location and began setting up.

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