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Allegheny Lodge Part 2 Trouble

I spoke with our bride. She told me a story about her dog. "I went to the shelter and there was a dog there. They said, 'You don't want this dog. It's nothing but trouble.' The name stuck, my dog's name is Trouble."

So, Trouble was the flower girl at this wedding. I came up with the idea of using Taylor Swift as the intro song. "I knew you were trouble when you walked in..."

Because Gary and I are married and it was just days away from the wedding, we fussed about it a wee bit. He decided we would try it and it was great and so funny!

I announced that this was the most important member of the bridal party. Then, I introduced her with her new last name. (I will not be announcing names on our blog to protect our clients).

Just so you know, in the future when I am on a phone call with you, I will ask what kind of pet you have so I can warn Gary that he will have to take some non-drowsy allergy medication.

We do love pets, we own a doggie. Our pet is a shih-poo (shitzu and a poodle). Both breeds are hypoallergenic which is amazing because our Cookie is a part of our family. I knew she was ours when I saw her in the window with paws against the window and a pink bow like the one my daughter had in the hospital the day she was born.

Enough about our puppy though. This is about Trouble who was completely hamming it up. As you can see, trouble had so much attention that you could see happy on her little puppy mug!

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