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When You Are Overwhelmed by I Do

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

When you are overwhelmed by I do, find people that are the helpers.

Who are the helpers? Let's start with your bridal party... You need that dress. That dress can be $25 to thousands! Yes, I said $25. I came up with that price because girl loves thrifting. Seriously, I own Dolche & Gabana $200 sandals for $5. If I were in your bridal party, you get the gorgeous dress and to save money too.

Want something brand new? David's Bridal has $100 dresses. If you get the dress in a size too big for yourself, you can hire someone to alter it and make it floor length. Then, you can splurge on the shoes because it's likely you're going to wear them again.

Don't forget we're going to play a lot of music at your reception so a second pair of shoes would be awesome. I recommend these shoes in white. I do wear these shoes in black to your wedding and reception and I can dance in them. They are so comfortable!

I can't find deals on menswear. That tux... will probably never be worn again so a rental would probably be good.

Flowers... there's nothing wrong with dollar tree flowers or flowers from a grocery chain. Maybe a flat of flowers wrapped in fabric would be cute and can be planted in your garden forever if it's a perennial.

Food... pot lucks are fun and a lot of restaurants cater. I won't name drop here. I did learn that some people buy catered to eat out for a week for very little.

I'm not going to suggest you go cheap on your vendors and here is why.

Your photographer likely went to college for their craft. Their equipment cost hundreds of dollars. I don't know everything that goes into that. I know they may have a really expensive camera, they may only have one of. I'm not going to delve into that further because my knowledge base is very little.

Your DJ... His price depends on his equipment. Your DJ chooses the equipment he has for various reasons. Our mixer is a turntable which looks like a couple of record players. Gary can scratch Mp3s on it. The computer that we use with it was chosen for how crisp the music is. Honestly, our vehicle costs a lot less than the equipment. There's also speakers and lights.

Once we have your list of music, we curate a custom playlist that takes hours because we beat match. My husband tells it like this, "I want to take them on a journey. You can't just have a slow love song and then jump into rock. You have to think this through."

We go over and practice the timeline which includes a mic check. It takes an hour or two to figure out how it goes in the vehicle before we leave home. We are at the venue hours before the bridal party to set up and we are often the last to leave.

The pricing of your vendors reflect their quality of equipment, service, and sometimes even insurance and licensing. In fact, I think that is a question that should be asked when requesting a vendor. Vendors with licensing and insurance is a protection for the customer.

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