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The hubs and I, were out and about placing advertising. We spent a few hours going to random places in Teays Valley and Cross Lanes, WV.

I think most of our advertising will happen online. We are working on building an audience and figuring out what we need to do to make this a successful, viable business.

I'm going to be working on site building one at a time, starting with Facebook. Once I've built an audience there, Youtube and TikTok will go next. Finally Pinterest and Twitter will be targeted until it all flows together.

I used to blog a lot. My blogs had started to gain a following before I shut them down. I am working on relearning all of these platforms. Someone once said, "If you don't use it, you loose it." This is very much true and I find myself doing a lot of relearning.

Some of the things I'm learning involves a lot of reading. I think that is another post for another day. I also applied for a business license a few weeks ago and an EIN. I think showing how to do these things is important.

I've read various books on running businesses, marketing, and being an employer. I think that is also a post for another day. I want this blog to be about our journey. Yes, it will sound amateurish at times. It takes someone being bold and brave to show the road less taken.

There is no shame in just starting. It's a shame to never start, that's where dreams die. I've known for 20 years where my husband's dream was and frankly, It's better late than never

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