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What it Takes to DJ: A Wife's Perspective

Updated: Jan 16

Here is what it takes to DJ from a wife's perspective: On a daily basis I hear my husband mixing, scratching, and just doing whatever. It's loud, drives the kids crazy and I'm mostly ok with it. If I don't want to hear it, I wear a headset and move on.

When you run a business, there are a lot of things that you need to do to provide amazing customer service, a DJ business is no different. From his end, music has to blend well, go together, be appropriate for the event, and music that is wanted (we do offer music selection with our packages). He spends hours putting together playlists. I'm just happy it excites him.

It's a group effort. I do not DJ and you will never see me playing with turntables, it isn't my passion. What is my passion is the business side of things. I'm the one behind the blog, my husband hates writing. I'm the social media face, we're on virtually all of them. I create our documents, all of them.

It doesn't come easy. I read a lot of books and I continue reading a lot of books on how to run a DJ business. I skip over all the things about utilizing your controller and dive into the paperwork. I, oddly enough, enjoy paperwork.

I create documentation for brides and grooms, party animals, and special events. I order our work wear, logos, and merch. This is something my husband and I do together. He hates the paperwork but he really cares about a few of the ascetics.

We will go back and forth on these things because sometimes his vision is more than I can deal with at the time. We both have jobs outside of this and it does get overwhelming. There are days when I've had it and there are days that he's had it.

In the end, we complete certain tasks and it eventually comes together.

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